The End


Deciding to do my Genius Hour Project on BYOD in the school systems was probably one of the best things I could have ever done. Too often we do things because we’re told to, but for once we were able to do something because of our passion. I feel like Genius Hour is a great method for engaging learning. This allowed for learning that I actually enjoyed. Being that this topic was one that affects me personally, I was more motivated and determined to produce quality work.

While conducting my research on BYOD in school systems, I learned so much that can contribute and help expedite the process of BYOD implementation in schools. BYOD contributes to authentic learning, allows for critical thinking and problem solving with real world situations. As I mentioned in my previous post, BYOD has many pros that outweigh the cons. It saves schools money, allows for assistance for those actually in need, helps student keep their work organized, keeps the students engaged, and since it’s their personal technology, the education can continue even once they get home. I also learned that sometimes it’s not the fact that BYOD is bad that slows this process, but that the older generation is more reluctant to change and advances with modern technology in education.

Although much has been discovered, our work is never done. Research must go on. We must discover if there is any more that technology can give to us educationally. We have to figure out a way to ensure that the parents are aware and can also contribute to the learning process. Yes, BYOD is being implemented in classrooms, but we could even go on to try and discover if there is a way that schools can going completely paperless. Would students even want that? Is this absurd? I have a desire to maximize technology in system. There is plenty more to explore in the world of BYOD in school systems.


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