Still Digging

Today’s research was a little different. Instead of taking a look at things through the lens of a student, I took a look from the other side of the spectrum. I looked at a broader image and even stumbled across a list of pros and cons for BYOD by both the students and the teachers. BYOD is spreading like a wildfire across the world in the both school and the workplace.Of course there are kinks that must be worked out, but a start the start is very promising. For this post, I would like to explore a few of the pros and cons to help build my case for BYOD in the schools.

First I would like to look at the cons. While analyzing this list, some of the cons were teacher resistance for the teachers like the ones who taught my father, students not being to afford the technology, opportunities for theft, opportunities for cheating, and wireless network overloads. While all of these are valid points, I feel like these issues can still be avoided. For instance, teachers have to adapt just as the students due. This would be an opportunity to grow together. Of course not all students will be able to afford the technology, but a majority of students have technology already. For those that do not, a private payment plan or financial assistance can be offered to the individuals. This way no student has to be embarrassed because they don’t have their own. Knowing that this is the route to take, the wireless network should be installed with a wide enough range to be able to carry the capacity of devices present. Colleges have universal networks that cater to thousands. Cheating can be combatted be either paper tests, or lockdown browsers that only go away once the testing is completely over. For theft, I would suggest keeping the technology on you at all times. Leaving technology around is careless, especially considering how expensive it is.

Now to look at the pros. For starters, when researching, the list could only come up with 15 cons, while there were 20 pros, so that’s a start already. the integration of technology is inevitable. With the implementation of BYOD, schools will save thousands of dollars. Instead of having to provide a device to each and every student, they bring their own which allows for other and better uses for the schools finances. Other pros were that students already know how to use the technology, all assignments will be in one place, students don’t have to stop learning when they leave school, and that BYOD engages the students and builds enthusiasm. If BYOD is used, schools will be able to bypass a standard “training” session for the technology because the students will probably be able to operate them better than the adults to begin with. Losing a piece of paper in your backpack is so easy to do. With technology, all of the assignments will be in one place for quick and easy access. Because the device belongs to the students, they will be able to continue their studies when they get home. Maybe there wasn’t enough time in the school day, so they continue their education once they get home. The students love their technology, so this is fun and engaging for them. They actually enjoy the learning process this way. BYOD in the school systems has a very bright future.


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