As you all know I have been doing my Genius Hour Project on BYOD in the school systems. For my interview, I struggled to decide if I wanted someone extremely knowledgeable about the subject, or if I wanted someone close to the purpose for my research. A happy medium for me would have been someone who knows a little bit about both, which is how I came to the final conclusion that the person I interview should be my father. He is close to my sister and understands her, while at the same time is not oblivious to the fact that the world is changing.

I first explained the concept of what I was doing to my father, and before I could begin the interview, he was so impressed with the Genius Hour concept that we had to spend the first 30 minutes discussing that and how he could incorporate that into his career. I then began to ask him about questions about BYOD, which was a good balance since he grew up in a age where chalk boards was the only thing that they had as educational “tools” so to speak. My father is very structured person. He would much rather things be consistent and repetitive rather than constant changing and unpredictability. That’s how he was raised and that’s all that he knows. He’s been working with the same company for 26 years, so him being consistent is sort of a understatement.

When it comes to his feelings towards BYOD and as it pertains to my sister Brooke, he admitted that it took awhile. He started off by telling me that he didn’t understand. If he could do it and find the drive, determination, and motivation necessary as a first generation college student, then why couldn’t his daughter.

He couldn’t wrap his head around the fact that this is a new generation with new methods, new definitions of fun, and new and “improved” ways of learning. He knew that Brooke was very tech savvy and that a majority of her time was spent using technology. Once he realized this, I then lead him to understanding that if this is where most of her time is spent anyways, then incorporating education into her favorite past time would be genius. She would be learning and not even feel like it’s hard work because she would be enjoying herself. While reluctant at first, by the end of the interview and now that he had a better understanding, he was a supporter of BYOD in the school systems.


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