Humans often fear what they don’t understand. BYOD is concept that is foreign to the school systems. For so long, everything has been pencil, paper, and an instructor. The teachers are not used to incorporating it, therefore the students have never experienced learning with their technology.We cannot live our lives in fear, for if we do there will be no progress made. For every great discovery, there had to be a leap of faith. “High risk, high reward!” has never been more relevant.

When conducting my research, I wanted to try and think a little differently. Of course schools have published articles and their successes and failures implementing BYOD, but I also wanted to hear the students’ opinion as well. I was thinking of questions for the students that I would like to ask. I began asking myself questions such as, “Do the students even want this implemented?” I began to wonder if they enjoyed their current learning circumstances, what devices they would want to have the most, and things of that nature.

I like to look at a situation form both sides. I don’t believe in effectively analyzing a situation if only one perspective is viewed. I took a look from the administrative position and that of a student. It got me to thinking about the most effective way to implement it. It also got me to thinking of ways ensure the devices for educational purposes only while at school. For instance, when taking an online test, we sometimes use lockdown browsers that ensures that the test is the only thing accessible at the time. Think about if that concept was incorporated into an app that could allow schools to monitor and facilitate the learning on personal devices in school.

If my grandmother was to ask, “Bradley, what did you learn about your question?” I would respond and tell her, “More than you could’ve ever imagined Granny.” Some of the articles that I researched include the development of inquiry skills in primary science with BYOD Inquiry Skills, whether or not the world is ready Are We Ready?, the things that work What Works?, and also the things we should consider with BYOD 5 Components.


One thought on “Research…

  1. Bradley, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this post about you conducting your research. To begin, what struck my interest was the fact that I noticed we are working on similar Genius Hour Projects, so I wanted to see the direction you were heading in with this project in comparison to mine as well as the point of view you were taking. I like how you focused on the student’s perspective, that is one thing that has actually slipped my mind during me conducting my project. I like how you focus on that for this is their education that we are talking about it. Very interesting, you are doing a great job!


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