Common Interests

While working on my Genius Hour project this week, I came to find that two of my other classmates are also looking into BYOD in classrooms. Both Ashlyn and Kalli have done great work with the topic and I’m sure that we all have great information to share, combine, and distribute so that others can be just as informed as we are. After all, knowledge is power.

Often times in a class, we never really get to know our classmates. By doing our genius hour projects, we get to learn more  about our classmates’ lives and understand what fuels their flame. For instance, some student have family members that have disorders, so they seek to help their loved ones. In my case, my sister is really interested in technology, so if I can find a way to incorporate that into her learning, I know she will excel. I’ve come to find that my classmates and I share things that allow us to work towards a common goal.

While on Twitter, I began searching multiple hashtags and topics on Twitter that provide different information on BYOD. I searched things such as #BYOD, #BYODed, BYOD in the classrooms, and things of that nature. By doing so, I was able to connect with different schools and programs that test BYOD in their classrooms. The successes and failures, learning what works and what doesn’t has been very beneficial.

I also came to find out that the classroom may be way behind on the BYOD wave. While scavenging Twitter for hashtags and information, I noticed that businesses and corporations have been using the BYOD method. In fact, on one article I read where it said this is the future. BYOD has been successful for them and they plan to continue on with advancements with BYOD in the workplace. Tech In Schools is also another good article that I came across on Twitter. If the work place is implementing it, and our students’ end goal is to make it to or create a workplace, why should we hinder their growth in the schools?



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