The Beginning

The topic that I will be exploring is how Bring Your Own Device can be efficiently implemented into the K12 environment without taking away from the educational setting. This topic is very close to me because my little sister is very into technology and she enjoys using her technology. Most of the times her grades don’t reflect her true intelligence. She isn’t the best test taker, but at home I’ve seen her do things at the age of 12 with technology that most adults can’t do. I’m certain that if she’s allowed to implement her technology into her learning, she will take more interest in school because she will be having fun while she learns. Most traditional teachers are anti technology, but the newer generation of students has evolved and education must grow with them in order to ensure meaningful Learning.

In the K12 environment, BYOD is still an idea that isn’t accepted worldwide yet. There are a few pilot schools that have taken the initiative to test this out and have been pleased with the results for the most part. For instance, we had to evolve in education from chalk boards, to dry erase boards, to overhead projectors, and now we’ve made it all the way to smart boards and screen sharing. I don’t believe in stagnant education. As the human race evolves, so must everything else that helps us evolve. BYOD allows for students to use technology they they are comfortable operating and can allow for less instruction on “how to” and more time actually teaching the material.


To begin my research, I will research the advantages and disadvantages of BYOD along with some schools that have already begun using BYOD. I plan to analyze their methods, way for improvement, and also where they excel. Im curious as to where the implementation thrives the most. Some of the schools from the Horizon Report such as the Baraboo School District and the Clark County School District will be where I begin my research. Some important hashtags to search on twitter are #BYOD #iPaded #EdApps and #k12. Also follow @BYODnews for the latest updates. I want to help improve BYOD in education so that I can see my sister excel.


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